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What is the Peaceful Parent Method?

There’s nothing more detrimental than realizing you are in a relationship with a narcissistic or toxic person. The person you believed to love you, turns out to be a manipulating liar and the reason for you (and maybe even your child’s) poor mental health. It seems like the life you were living was a lie. If you have a child or children with this individual, leaving isn’t all that easy. If you have managed to leave anyways, congratulations, you did the first step. Let Christine help you with the next one, your healing journey!

Unfortunately you can’t scratch the narcissistic or toxic person out of your life, as they will always be the parent of your child(ren). Co-parenting with a narcissist or toxic person can be so stressful and abusive you can get re-traumatized all over again. And worst of all, your child(ren) is/are in between this whole mess, which makes you feel even worse!
The Peaceful Parent Method is designed to help you pivot from feeling like a powerless victim to reclaiming your truth and peace, so that you can be the parent your children need. This holistic healing method was developed based on Christine’s own experiences combined with scientifically proven elements, such as polyvagal theory, trauma recovery, Somatic Belief Reprogramming, and much more. The Peaceful Parent Method is an amazing journey through your past, present, and future self.